My personal mission as an AvKARE sales rep is to provide my buyers with solutions and support. Adapting to the new rules in society due to COVID, there are several ways my buyers have been impacted. Their workload is higher, their budgets are tighter, and the market is easily disrupted. In response, I too have tried to alter the way I provide support. Time and money are more sacred now than ever. Below are a few of the ways AvKARE and I have worked to provide solutions and support:

Cost Saving Suggestions: Pricing varies for each system and contract, but when something is moving well amongst the majority, it is a good place to start. I also recommend products that are slower movers, since we specialize in smaller pack sizes of 20 ct., 30 ct., & 50 ct. I’ve been working to send out a few suggested items that have potential to bring savings. I’m limiting the number of products per email to make these lookups quick and meaningful. 

Distribution Center Support: Looking at movement of products across the nation, I’ve been able to find best priced items, that were simply never stocked. With buyers heavy workload, it makes sense they look for best priced items that are currently available, thus overlooking an unstocked item. However, by pointing out that these products could easily be brought in to their distribution center, it has expanded the savings to all. 

Product Launches: AvKare has launched many new items this year. We love being able to support our hospitals by providing unit dose options and alternatives. 

Visibility & Availability: When buyers identify issues with visibility of products or there is confusion on availability, I work to serve as a resource to get these problems resolved. Again, we are in a time where every penny matters, but there isn’t the time for buyers to work through investigating these concerns. That is where we are here to help.

I definitely miss visiting with my buyers in person, and can’t wait for the day things return to normal. However, during this time of change, I aim to serve in whatever way I can. If you have questions or concerns, or if AvKARE can be a solution for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out!