Do me a favor… close your eyes and think back to your six-year-old self on Christmas Eve night.

I remember trying to stay up as late as I possibly could so that as soon as I woke up, I could wake up my older brother and sister and my parents for PRESENTS! I remember running around the house Christmas morning and jumping on everyone’s beds, so giddy and full of joy. Such wonderful memories.

Keep your eyes closed. Now, imagine a six-year-old who’s mom or dad won’t be there this Christmas morning. They are thousands of miles away defending freedoms that a six-year-old can’t quite understand. Maybe times are tough, and our family can’t quite afford to give us the Christmas morning every six-year-old deserves. That’s where KARE Charities comes in.

Over the past three years, the AvKARE team has worked hard to give back to our community by serving those who serve us and protect our country. KARE Charities is raising funds to provide support for deployed US soldiers stationed at Fort Campbell and their families during the holiday season. 2021 was an unusual year to say the least, but thanks to our generous participants, KARE Charities was able to provide over $20,000 worth of support to the troops their families this past holiday season. The best news we were able to provide for every family on base that requested it. That is huge! We hope this year will be no different.

This year’s tournament will be held on September 23rd, at 1pm with check in and lunch starting around 11:30 am. We will once again be on the President’s Course at Hermitage Golf Club in Old Hickory, Tennessee. It is a 4-man scramble format, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in 3 flights, lunch, mulligan package to include 2 shots, 1 red tee, and 1 throw, plus $50 gift card in the Hermitage Pro Shop.

Join us for a beautiful day of golfing to give back to our soldiers and their families. For more information on participating or becoming a sponsor, visit