1. To receive a copy the AvKare catalog – AvKare has around 300 Unit Dose NDCs, solids, liquids and ointments.
  2. To help get an NDC pulled into your wholesaler’s distribution center – Many items are available, even if they are not in your distribution center!
  3. To find out how lower box counts can help reduce your pharmacy inventory and outdated NDCs – Smaller hospitals can benefit from our lower box counts overall; getting higher usage NDCs in unit dose frees up pharmacy staff; purchasing lower usage NDCs in smaller box counts can avoid outdating NDCs.
  4. To get a list of top selling AvKare NDCs through your wholesaler – We use our sales data to create a list of AvKare NDCs that many other hospitals are purchasing.
  5. Last but not least, we have a team of amazing men and women that would love to hear from you! Ask them about their charity or mission work, wide variety of hobbies and families.