Understanding why some are against getting vaccinated. Health and medical experts have praised vaccines as being one of the best accomplishments in the 20th century, but everyone is not in agreement.

The opposition to vaccines has been highly publicized on social media, the news and on podcasts. More parents are opting out of vaccinations for their kids for many different reasons. Not getting your kids vaccinated has caused a surge of infectious diseases that had been previously or nearly eradicated.

This is not a new opposition. This has been going on as long as there has been vaccines. Back in the 1800s when smallpox vaccine started. The idea of injecting someone with a part of a cowpox blister to protect them from smallpox faced a lot of criticism. The criticism was based on sanitary, religions, and political objections.

In the 1970’s, the DTP vaccine received opposition when it was linked to neurological disorders. “Studies” found the risk was very low. Since then laws have been passed that require vaccinations as a measure of Public Health.

Marching forward opposition is still relevant with the same reasons, sanitation, regions, political beliefs and most commonly the risks outweigh the benefits.  Though there are a variety of reasons behind the opposition, some people forgo different vaccinations due to high risk of potential allergic reactions.

But for most who refuse vaccines it should be known that there is little risk.

Here are some common reasons that lead to vaccine opposition.

Sanitation- There was a  belief that diseases were disappearing due to better sanitation and hygiene, not, vaccines. This has been proven false by the resurgence of previously eradicated infectious diseases.

People also think the, “risks outweigh the benefits”. This currently is the biggest objection in the United States. Parents think it causes medical risks and could contribute to Autism. Diseases will only stay eradicated as long as vaccines are still used to prevent them. Allot of the medical opposition is unfounded.

MMR- measles, mumps and rubella. Is the vaccine parents think causes Autism. MMR does not cause Autism, this is backed by studies from the CDC. Thimersol is a mercury-based preservative this is found only in Flu-vaccines and now they have THIMERSOL-FREE FLU vaccines.

        Flu vaccine doesn’t protect against all of the flu.

        Flu vaccines need to be given every year.

The vaccination could make you sick, which is false The flu vaccine is recommended for almost everyone who is six months of age or older. Some people have allergies and need to check which form they can use; nasal spray or shot.

Some opposition to vaccines comes from a mistrust of science, or mistrust of the government.  Some people don’t trust Pharmaceutical Companies, thinking they are just out to make money regardless of harmful consequences.

Others are skeptical of science that don’t fully understand, or know the chemicals being used in the vaccines. As laws require children to be vaccinated in order to attend public schools this lends to more distrust.

Some parents would rather use a more natural or homeopathic treatment to relieve the symptoms. However these are not as effective in preventing diseases.

The results  of vaccination opposition… while some need to forgo vaccinations due to potential allergic reactions, others refuse for themselves and children.

Most of the concerns that create opposition to vaccinations are nothing more than misconceptions. Unfortunately, the decision not to get vaccines for oneself or one’s children doesn’t just affect them. The large number of people refusing to get vaccinated leads to reemergence of infectious diseases in areas where they had been eradicated or nearly gone.

Always reach out to somebody you trust to discuss the benefits of getting vaccinated.