The first time I heard of a mother taking her newborn to a chiropractor for colic I was astounded and could not believe I heard correctly!

The fact is many chiropractors are involved in infant care along with the child’s pediatrician!

I did some reading about this out of curiosity (My own children and grandchildren are way past infant and toddler stage) and because I heard my nephew and his wife discussing this very thing regarding their new baby. He was fussy and colicky and having trouble sleeping so a chiropractor was recommended to them. After a little reading on the subject I decided that some of the ideas behind this treatment make a lot of sense.

It’s important to note right away that care for infants and toddlers is much gentler than chiropractic for adults. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle touch of the fingers or slight pressure in just the right spot to relieve pain and fussiness in a child.  A trained professional pediatric chiropractor knows the proper techniques to manipulate the areas that are needing some realignment.

The process of childbirth can be traumatic enough for some babies to cause some problems that may be creating issues such as colic, acid reflux, misaligned spine, trouble latching during breast feeding and even ear infections can be alleviated with chiropractic treatment in some infants and toddlers!

When the spine is properly aligned, a baby is able to grow and develop properly without colic, constipation and sleep issues. With proper alignment the nervous system can function normally.  As the child grows and begins to crawl and walk, chiropractic care can treat injuries that may develop that parents are unaware of.

It’s important to note again that chiropractic care for children should go hand in hand with medical treatment from the child’s pediatrician. It can be very safe if done by a trained professional and may help keep your baby happy and active through the critical growing years!