With the winter fast approaching and kids back in school the common cold has been spreading. It seems the question that keeps coming up is, do I have the common cold or COVID-19? This has been becoming a big concern due to last year we were a little more on lockdown and avoiding large gatherings. Now that we are out and about and doing more, it seems the cold has made a strong comeback. I am going to rundown some of the symptoms to help you decide if you need go into isolation and get a discomforting nasal swab.

I am first going to go over some of the symptoms that are tied with COVID-19 and not found with the common cold. The symptom that does not happen with the cold will be the lost of taste and smell. The next one that will be an abnormally high fever. That will also be followed with a dry cough and some people will begin to have shortness of breath. As this next symptom does tie closely to the cold, but it seems people get fatigued a lot more with being diagnosed with COVID-19. Some get to that point that they are not able to get out of bed. These our symptoms that stand out the most that might let an average person know they might have COVID-19.

Now we will review some of the symptoms that are tied to the common cold that are not as common with COVID-19. The first one that stands out is the runny or stuffy nose, this is a symptom that is very rarely diagnosed with COVID-19. Along with the stuffy nose you will notice that you will be sneezing a lot. On top of those symptoms, you might have a sore throat. A fever is common with both COVID-19 and cold, but the fever with the cold should not be as high. Another symptom that can be common with both sicknesses will be the fatigue, but the cold should not make you bed ridden. As always it is smart to not be running around with any type of sickness, but this breakdown of symptoms should help distinguish on how severe the sickness you might have. Hopefully this article will help with keeping you safe and healthy during this upcoming winter.