Hopefully everyone had a wonderful and fantastic 2021. As we start the new year it’s always important to set goals for yourself. This can help in any aspect of your life but most importantly any goal is a good goal! Whatever you set for yourself isn’t unrealistic whether it’s big or small or short term or long term. It’s for you and you only. That’s the beauty of it. Here are a couple of tips that might help you out!

The first is to reflect on your previous year. Think about what happened in 2021 both the good and the bad. Ask yourself – What are some things I was able to accomplish? And what are things that I couldn’t get to? This will help frame what you want to focus on for the next year. This can range from financial, relationship, work, health, and lifestyle goals. Set SMART goals- ones that are measurable and specific. This will help you keep track of your progress and what you need to achieve to get where you want to be. Once you’ve set a few goals articulate your “why.” Really put some thought into what your reasoning is behind this goal and the meaning. The reason for this is because when you think about your goal you’ll always think about your why and the significance of it. Track them however feels necessary to you. This can be every day or it can be every 6 months. But have fun with it and think about what’s important for you.

For myself, I’ve always focused on mental health and financial goals. This is something I like to start to think about towards the end of the year so I can set myself up for the next year. I start small and then go big. I normally like to do my own goals in increments thinking ahead about how my days, weeks, months, then years will look and go from there. It can be daunting when you realize you may not be where you thought you would be but don’t give up. You’ll look back and reflect on the effort you put in even if you don’t reach it. Goals help me stayed focused and feel better about myself throughout the year and hopefully they will for you too!