After a stressful holiday season filled with family and sweets, its now a new year and time to decide on a New Year’s resolution. For this year 2022 many people are looking to set a resolution that will improve their health or wellness. Improving your health and wellness is a tough goal, as there are a lot of factors into making that happen. The goal of improving health is something you can not accomplish in a weekend or season; it is a long commitment. The question is how you can stay motivated on achieving this goal? This can be done by setting out a weekly plan or an individual day that will help drive you towards your resolution. As some resolutions might take time and cannot be achieved quickly, it is a good idea to set monthly or daily goals. Also, another way to make sure you keep striving to hit your resolution, reward yourself with a cheat day or a personal gift so that you will feel like you accomplished something. Hopefully these tips will make it easier for you to be able to accomplish your New Year’s resolution. Below will be some ideas of what you can chose for your New Year’s Resolution:

  1. Eat Less Fast Food & Cook More at Home
  2. Focus on Physical Activity, Open up a Gym Membership (It is recommended to get a membership with friend or spouse to keep you both accountable.)
  3. Read a New Book Each Month
  4. Drink Less Sugary Beverages
  5. Limit your Screen time
  6. Take Care of Your Teeth
  7. Visit your Doctor More Routinely
  8. Give up Smoking or Drink Less Alcohol
  9. Join a Yoga or Meditation Class to help with Mental Health.
  10. Plan an Outdoor Activity Once a Week

These are some ideas to help you decide on a New Year’s resolution!

Good Luck and Happy New Years