Let’s all admit we all love a good Instagram scroll or a funny snapchat. Social media has connected us in ways that can really bring us together. Even if you aren’t tech savvy or care about it much, it always feels good to check in on people and vice versa that aren’t physically with you. “It’s estimated that between 5 – 10% of Americans are addicted to social media” (https://freedom.to/blog/social-media-break/) and “71% of people sleep with their phones each night, and 74% of all Americans check Facebook every day” (https://freedom.to/blog/social-media-break/). These statistics are shocking given that social media is fairly new. What many people don’t know is that constantly being indulged in something that is not always realistic can sometimes do more harm than good.

One thing I like to do every once in a while is take what’s called a social media detox. This can be anywhere from a couple of days, months, or even a couple of hours. I like to delete my apps and refresh my head and focus that time on the relationships that are presently around me. This can be difficult because I love social media and seeing what everyone is doing but sometimes, I don’t realize that I’m constantly on it. This can be good for you for a couple of reasons. The first being that it’s good to clear your head. Social media is a distraction in itself. If you are focused on a task that you are presently doing it’s easy to open up some form of social media. But taking a break from it can help you focus on yourself and other goals in life. You’ll realize how much time you have on your hands when you put down your phone. The next being is that social media can really make you feel insecure. Constantly comparing yourself to friends, family, random influencers can be challenging and draining. Many people only post their successes and not their failures so you only see the good side of things. No one really knows what’s going on in their life. This will increase your productivity and self-worth and beneficial for you.

In conclusion, take some time to really cut down on social media. It can improve a lot of areas of your life you may not necessarily think needs improvement. Life I said before any amount of time can really help you. You may even find more activities that you enjoy doing or find interest in. It’ll improve your relationships and overall be good for your mental health.