The winter months are a time when being proactive about our health is of upmost importance. There are a variety of ways to stay active and healthy during the cold months. Some ways include:

  • Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can add fruits to your breakfast and have them as a healthy snack or dessert! You can also have vegetables as a healthy snack or add them to your lunch and dinner!
  • Drink more tea. Studies have found that people who drink tea had a lower risk of heart disease and healthier blood vessels. Tea contains an abundance of antioxidants that are beneficial to the body. Try sticking to teas high in antioxidants like green or black tea.
  • Get involved in indoor activities. There are plenty of opportunities to join an indoor sports league, gym, work out class, and more! Grab a buddy or make some new friends by joining a program that you’ll benefit from.
  • Move around more. Try walking in place, jumping, or stretching while watching TV. Walk around your house and find things to do like laundry, cleaning, washing your pets, and more. Set a step goal and use an activity tracker to hit your goal.
  • Get outside on nice days! When it’s not raining or snowing, go outside and get active. Try walking instead of using your car, go for a run, or visit a state park if you’re moving, you’ll stay warm!

By following the recommendations listed above, you can stay healthy over the winter months. It is important to note that each day you should be getting thirty minutes of exercise along with maintaining a healthy diet.