Hi! I’m Alexandra Cockerham and I am the new member of the AvKARE Unit Dose Sales Team! I am so excited to be stepping into this position and have already felt so welcomed. My territories will include North Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. 

I was born and raised in Texas and currently live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Prior to this position, I was a teacher – teaching kindergarten, pre-kindergarten and first grade. In my free time I love to stay active! My favorite way is through weightlifting or being outside. I also enjoying spending time with family and friends, organizing, shopping, decorating, helping children, and playing with my precious pets: Finley the dog, Tuloo the cat and Porkelina the mini pig!  

I look forward to meeting everyone and building relationships with you. I know I will learn a lot and grow in this position. I push to better myself each day and am grateful for the opportunity to do so in my career!