When it comes to the Sunday Scaries you probably get a shiver down your spine because they are a real and we dread them every single week. One thing many people in the workforce don’t realize is that if you have a more productive day and productive week, the feeling that you have so much to do the next week isn’t as bad as you thought. There are a few techniques that can be useful that you can actually carry over into your personal life as well.

The first thing technique which is probably the most common is to have everything scheduled for the day written down or in a calendar. This is crucial – you need to know where your focus needs to be throughout the day during certain times. Keep meetings brief and quick therefore you can get started on other projects. Planning out your day with times where you’ll need to talk with team members or clients is #1 because those are where you are going to succeed the most and you can utilize where and when to put your energy.

            The second technique that is useful is figuring out which times of the day you are most productive. Some people are mornings, some people are after lunch, and some people are even at night. Obviously, it’s not healthy to work until midnight but knowing your body from previous experiences can be useful in planning out your day. If you need to multitask or you have a dreaded assignment that’s due in an hour make sure to write it down so you know to save some extra energy for that.

            Eliminate every distraction.. Now this can be hard for some people. Phones, TV’s, iPads, you name it. Are so common and used a ton on a daily basis. Especially since so many people are work from home now it’s easy to get distracted by something else. But if your attention is on something not related to work it can affect the quality of what you’re working on.

            Now lastly don’t forget to schedule breaks! This is crucial! You’ll need to be able to recharge and refocus. In doing so when you are honed into a project it’s always better when you have a clear headspace. You can do so by taking a walk, watching a quick tv show, phoning a friend, etc. Your mind and body will thank you later because it’s almost impossible to stay in one spot on one work task.

            Use these techniques ALL THE TIME. Not even just professionally or work related because they are helpful for everyday life. You’ll see a huge improvement in what you can accomplish in a day and how much better you will feel afterwards. It’s important to always listen to yourself because only you can do what’s best for your workday.