There are an abundant number of benefits when it comes to drinking water. It all starts with the amount of water you consume every day. On average a person needs about 64 ounces a day. A great indicator of your hydration levels is the color of your pee. A lighter color is a sign of sufficient hydration levels and a darker color is a sign you need to increase your water intake. Listed below are a couple of health benefits of drinking water:

  • It helps your organs to function properly
  • It helps lubricate your joints
  • It helps with digestion
  • It boosts your energy
  • It regulates your temperature
  • It curbs your cravings
  • It improves your skin

These are a few of the various benefits that consuming an adequate amount of water has on your body! It can be tricky to get in enough water throughout the day, so here are a couple ways to help. One of the best ways to start is getting a water bottle and carrying it around with you throughout the day. This way it’s convenient to drink and you can add fruits to enhance the flavor. Also try to create the habit of drinking a glass of water after every bathroom break and before every meal (this will help with overeating too). Lastly, you can download an app that tracks your water intake. This will keep you on track to hitting your goals!