As we get closer to summer and kids being out of school. It is time to start planning those summer vacations with friends and family. Vacations are a time to relax and destress while trying to do the least amount of work to enjoy yourself. That means a lot of people will not be cooking or eating their regular diets. At same time you will be exposed to sun if you’re traveling to hotter climate and mingling with people you do not normally see. Below will be some tips on how to stay healthy and safe during your much needed summer vacation.

Tips for A Healthy Summer Vacation:

  1. Enjoy Local Cuisine (But not too much)– Some of best part of vacationing is trying new food in new places. The best way to do this and still give your body nutrients, would be to have a healthy breakfast or add a side salad to your lunch or dinner.
  2. Factor in some Exercise– As it is very easy to lay by the pool or beach all day, make sure to add in a 15/30 min walk. If you are that motivated, try to use the gym facility located at the place you’re staying at.
  3. Catch your Z’s– Staying up late is easy to do on vacation as your in a new place and having great time with friends. That extra hour of sleep or a nap by the pool can do wonders in staying healthy during your vacation.
  4. Always Apply and Reapply Sunscreen– For those traveling to beaches or hot weather areas, make sure to continually using sunscreen. We all know how bad a sunburnt hurt, but that will ware off after a couple days. The bigger risk is down the road with the possibility of getting skin cancer and the long-term effects it can bring.
  5. Stay Hydrated– This one can be tough as most of us would prefer to enjoy adult beverages instead of water. Make sure to always carry a water bottle with you or have a reusable one that you can fill up at water stations.
  6. Take Vitamin C– Being in crowded places and with people you are not normally around, can expose you to germs your body is not use to. A good way to come home sick-free after your vacation would be to take Vitamin C. There are two options to bringing it with you; Vitamin C pills (which AvKARE offers and available) or packages that able to add to water.

Hopefully these tips will help you enjoy your summer vacation and make sure you do not come home sick or carrying some extra pounds.


Zach Bowman