With the end of Summer approaching, it is essential to be aware of all things that can cause you unneeded stress and how to deal with them.

In this article, we will discuss some ways to help you deal with that stress to spring into action as the school year nears for the kiddos !

  1. According to iHerb.com, it is beneficial to plan weekly adventures. Whether you would be taking some time off to go hike, or taking the kids to the water park to enjoy the sun, it encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.
  2. Schedule some alone time. Grounding your thought process and really getting in tune with oneself has been proven not only to improve your mood, but make you appreciate everything that has been given to you. It is a great way to start or day or wrap up your evening.
  3. Let go of the “shoulds” of the Summer months. We all have this idea that Summer ‘should’ incorporate daily trips outside or getting your body “beach ready.” iHerb.com says that it is best to simply ‘enjoy the moments as they come to you,’ and to not stress about what you ‘should’ do with your relaxation time. After all, you are the one that knows how you like to relax !
  4. Last but not least is the idea of double-checking your boundaries. Summer is the perfect season to assess your old boundaries or create new ones. Whether it be sticking to an itinerary on a trip you have had planned for months, or deciding that you want to attempt to try one new food per week, do not stress over these choices and know when to say no, or yes. It is also important to prioritize what is important to you and how you spend your down-time to give you the largest boost of serotonin possible.

I am confident that if we all stick to these methods and attempt to truly assess how we spend our off-days, it is a sure fire way to really get an idea of what and who is most important around you, and all in time for next summer !