How do you make exercising a part of your daily routine? I always thought I would never have the time to hit the gym every day. After seeing the positive affects it had on my body and most importantly, my mind, I had to make time for it. It’s just like any other healthy habit. You make time to shower and brush your teeth. I bet you even make time to binge watch your favorite show. Why does exercising seem so much harder to make time for?

First, I recommend taking a look at your regular schedule. How much time do you allow for each task? Where could you make time? Can you go after work? Before work? Start making exercising a priority by scheduling it into your day and forcing yourself to get there.

Second, be consistent. Once you do it long enough (literally just a few weeks) – you will start to see such impactful changes that you’ll WANT to keep going. At that point, it’s easy to make the time for it.

Next, you definitely need to pick something you like doing. If you HATE running, don’t make your exercises revolve around running. Try out different things until you find one you love. It will help get you there if you aren’t totally dreading it. Gyms offer many classes and there’s endless content on social media to help you pick a direction.

I’m not going to lie to you and say I am motivated every single day for the gym, but I always get it done. On days I wake up not feeling it, I go anyways. Discipline outweighs motivation. Every time I have one of those days, I always leave the gym glad I went. I may not be hitting PRs or going full out, but I got something done and that makes my mind and body healthier that day.

In fact, its actually harder for me to force myself to rest because I know how much better it is when I go. I now try to take a rest day on Sundays. It’s good to let your body rest, especially from weightlifting. Sometimes on Sundays I still crave a workout so I’ll go for a walk or do something lightly active without lifting.

Get out there and make exercising a priority in your life!

To recap:

  1. Schedule in your exercise time
  2. Be consistent
  3. Choose an exercise you actually like!
  4. Discipline over motivation!
  5. Be sure to rest when your body needs it