We all know the craziness that comes with the holiday season! Many people are in and out of town, have guests or are guests, have schedule and routine changes, kids are home from school, work hours change – the list goes on. Do you prioritize your exercise habits during this time? It may feel like a challenge with all the changes and even the weather. I always make it a priority to stick to my workout schedule as closely as possible. It makes the start of the new year smoother and not feel like a complete reset. It’s great to have goals for the new year – but don’t give up on your current goals either!

Things to keep in mind to stay consistent:

-Make it a priority just as you do during your regular schedule (there really will be time)

-If you know for certain a workout cannot happen one day, make up for it. Swap out rest days so you are still active the same amount of days a week.

-If the weather can be an issue, plan ahead & swap out activities.

-Get active with your kids, family, or friends! Play games outside, go for a bike ride or walk together, have a friendly family competition.

-Don’t be afraid to put you physical and mental health high on your priority list!

-Pay attention to class and gym hour changes and adjust your schedule accordingly.

-Just because you overeat and sit with family an entire day, doesn’t mean you can’t be active the next 😊 Its easy to get in a mindset that you ruined your week and just give up. A day or two will not erase your progress. In fact, all the extra calories and carbs may even make your next workouts even better! Keep pushing forward!