• Swimming in the ocean and getting eaten by a shark?
  • Getting on an airplane, and it crashing down in flames?
  • Skydiving, and perhaps the parachute doesn’t open?
  • Being in a room filled with spiders, or even just one?
  • Eating a bacon covered donut, or whatever is your favorite?

Which one should you be most afraid of? 

You guessed it, the donut (or any unhealthy food options in general). 

  • Number of shark fatalities in United States per year on average – 6 to 8
  • Number of airplane fatalities per year in US – 349 in 2020, the last time a commercial airline carrying passengers crashed with fatalities was in 2001.
  • Number of skydiving fatalities on average about 15 people yearly.
  • Number of spider bite fatalities yearly – on average 7 in the USA.
  • Number of deaths due to unhealthy food choices – 678,000 yearly in the USA.

If you are like me and hundreds of other Americans and have had not the best food choices over the years, I urge you go get a screening done.  Just because you feel fine and are what you consider a normal weight category doesn’t mean you are in perfect health.  It is better to detect high cholesterol early so hopefully you can correct with diet and exercise; and that goes for anything, the sooner you discover health issues the easier and cheaper they are to correct.  So, pick a day, call the doctor, put it on your calendar and go!