As the weather starts to change in New England, we all know one thing is coming soon. The holidays!!! Now we just had Halloween and the crisp air of the fall is the best feeling in the world. Shortly after, it’ll be Thanksgiving and Christmas and the snow will start to fall. I think what I love most about this time of year is spending time with my family and being around loved ones. With hectic lives and uncertainty at every corner – I know one thing is for sure. I will get to spend time with people that care about me. We have traditions that we’ve been following for years and it’s nice to know that every year we pretty much know what to expect and get to do it together.

            For thanksgiving, my family will switch the house of who is hosting every year. Last year I was able to host for the first time and it was so much fun. Incredibly stressful but I enjoyed every minute of it. The process of cooking and gathering and planning was so exciting and something new for me to experience.  I think rotating houses is a great way to not put the pressure on solely one household either. We almost always watch the Macy’s Day Parade and end our day with a nice long walk to help our extremely full bellies. A few of my favorite traditions for Christmas are going to church on Christmas Eve and then baking home made Christmas cookies and delivering them to all of our neighbors. I think the sense of community and interacting with people is what brings me joy and most of the time everyone is in good spirits!

            Holidays are about giving thanks and being together. It’s a time to reflect on your previous year and what you’re looking forward to for the following year. For me, I really like to set new goals for myself. This is the time where I take into consideration the growth I’ve done and what I want to continue working on. Another benefit is that a lot of people get a break from work and can focus on other things you don’t normally do in your routine. That thing you’ve been wanting to build- go build it. The extra class you wanted to take- go take it. Make new memories and enjoy the holiday magic!