Every single year it seems that December tends to be the most chaotic time for everyone, whether it’s your busy season at work or there’s countless holiday events amid trying to find gifts for all the people in your life. It is such a wonderful time of year and you can easily get swept away into the busyness of life. Here are 20 ways to relax and enjoy the season with the people you love!

1. Bake something sweet or a traditional treat – my personal favorite is making a batch of homemade Chex Mix.

2. Ride around your city or neighborhood looking at Christmas lights.

3. Decorate your home for the season.

4. Make homemade ornaments as a family activity.

5. Enjoy a holiday movie at home.

6. Snuggle up by the fire. If you don’t have a fireplace like me, you can find fireplace videos on Netflix or YouTube that are just as cozy.

7. Do a puzzle or play a game with your family or friends.

8. Create a fun playlist to play in your house throughout the season.

9. Roast marshmallows on a cold winter night.

10. Have a holiday party with your friends, each bringing your own holiday-themed food or drink.

11. Go ice-skating if it’s available in your area.

12. Make homemade candles at home, go to a candle-making class, or just go buy your favorite holiday candle to make your home smell like the holidays.

13. Go to a pop-up bar in your town that’s decorated for the holidays and has festive drinks.

14. Host a Secret Santa or some type of gift exchange with your friends.

15. Give back to your community in some way whether it be a fun run, buying gifts for a child on the angel tree, or working at your local soup kitchen.

16. Plan a winter scavenger hunt with a group.

17. Put together a fun holiday centerpiece for the table.

18. Decorate a gingerbread house.

19. Go to see a performance by an orchestra or choir.

20. Deliver holiday treats to your neighbors.