Are you one of those people that really struggles with New Year Resolutions? Do you set all these goals and “mess up” early, so you give up? Or find they were not sustainable?

Try making SMART Goals for yourself!

What is a SMART Goal?

Specific What will be accomplished? What actions will you take?

Measurable How will you measure your goal?

Achievable Is this goal actually doable?

Relevant Does this goal align with your plans or life goals? Why does it matter to you?

Time-Bound What time frame are you giving yourself to accomplish this goal?

As a former teacher, I am well versed in SMART goals. We created them for ourselves as educators and also created them with our students (even 5 year olds!)

The point of a goal is to work towards and accomplish it. Saying things like “I’m going to start working out in 2023” is not a SMART goal.

Try this instead 

My goal for 2023 is to build a solid workout routine. I will start by working out 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes. I will check my weight bi-weekly and will be aware of how clothing fits/my mood and energy levels. After two months, I will build up to a fourth workout a week. This is important for my overall health, self-esteem and mood. By the end of 2023, I will have a solid routine that is part of my life!

You can use the formula for a SMART Goal and apply it to anything you are working towards!

Good luck – go crush your goals!