Every week I am on the road, and I drive across Indiana, Kentucky & Tennessee visiting hospitals and as you can imagine I see a lot!  A lot of people, places, and strange things on the side of the road!   I see a lot more than I ever dreamt of when taking this job.  However, in all my travels one thing that stands out to me most is the feeling of visiting a children’s hospital.  I visited one a couple months ago around Christmas, and I witnessed a mom carrying a bag out of room while sobbing to another family member.  As a parent myself that hit home, and as those tears formed in my eyes for her, I was wishing there was something I could do to help. 

As each holiday rolls around there are thousands of parents with their children in those hospitals across the country and many hospitals offer ways you can help!  They offer many options and checking it out is as simple as asking Google about a children’s hospital near you.  Many of the hospitals have options as simple as letting you send an E-card to them for free just so they know someone is thinking of them.  They also offer many other options such as dropping off toys, donating your time, and donating financially.  It doesn’t matter which option you pick, what matters is you do have an opportunity to make a difference! I encourage you to at least check it out.  Sometimes helping others helps us more than we expect.

 “Be the difference you want to see in the world!”

Below are a few local links for my area: