Spring is breaking through with beautiful weather. I love to plan trips for the Spring and Summer; however, I also love to stay focused on my health and fitness during this time, too! These are some tips to stay healthy and keep up with your goals while traveling:

  1. DRINK WATER. When I travel, I always bring a water bottle with me. Make it a goal to drink water all throughout the day, even on trips.
  • GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Sleep is so important! I feel like vacations are an easy time to under sleep – but its necessary for your body to properly function.
  • EAT SMART. Now, I never turn down delicious foods, especially on vacation. But try not to overdo it. Where you can make healthy or fresh choices, do it. You will feel so much better during and after the trip for this. This also means not skipping breakfast or other meals your body is used to having.
  • EXERCISE IF POSSIBLE. If I’m staying somewhere with a gym, I always try to make it in there. If the gym isn’t your thing, try walks or other physical activities while on your vacation to get some movement in. If I know I will have to take a few days off from the gym, I will try to make up a workout or two before/after my trip.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS. Seems simple enough. No one wants to pick up an illness on vacation. Be aware and do not touch your face/foods without washing your hands.

I hope everyone gets to enjoy some type of vacation or time off during the next few months!