I know with springs arrival and summers approach, it can sometimes feel like a daunting task to keep your mental health in the forefront of your mind, but with several easy tips and tricks to improve your psyche, you can hit the water and enjoy the great weather !

According to the Jefferson Center, there are several things you can do to jumpstart your mental health in the spring that are incredibly easy.

  1. Handle projects that you have been putting off
  2. Whether it be refusing to look at the huge pile junk in your workspace or noticing the dust in your home, the JC is firm believers in setting up a calendar and circling the tasks that can be done within the day or less
  3. Clean space by space
  4. Every time you walk into the most common room in your home think “I deserve to work in a clean space,” and do not think “I have to clean this room now.” This simple trick is explained by the JC stating that if you look at this obstacles as one small task each time, you are more likely to clean that one spot, and the another, and then another until you are completed.
  5. Staying active
  6. Movement is essential in any mental health task. Getting those endorphins going along with your body instantly gratifies your work day and sets the pace throughout your working hours. The JC recommends stretching in-between these tasks as well as whenever you find yourself stagnant (coffee brewing, after lunch, etc)

With the warmer months fast approaching, myself and the JC hope you decide to incorporate these small little mind tricks to improve your mental health while getting ready to enjoy the sun !

For more information, please visit their website @ https://www.jcmh.org/