Healthcare is widely known as a very popular career path. Many people think of healthcare as directly working with patients, but this isn’t always the case. In my role, I do pharmaceutical sales and although I I’m not a nurse or doctor I am helping people everyday. I sell the products that make people get better and I couldn’t feel more fulfilled than that. Healthcare careers have so many benefits and really has no limitations as to what you can do. Here are some of the main reasons people choose to work in this field!

  1. Healthcare will never go away!

Everyday there are people who are seeking help. As the workforce gets older people will retire and those positions have to get filled. Healthcare is known worldwide and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. This is good for people who are worried about job security or what to do next, there are always positions related to healthcare out there either directly or indirectly working with people.

  • Flexibility and Variety

One thing I’ve loved about my job is the flexibility I have. Healthcare doesn’t stop, many shifts are open  and many departments are looking for people. There is no streamlined process of how to do things (well unless you’re licensed in something) but this gives you the autonomy of deciding what will work best for your career path and schedule. Healthcare can include sales, HR, nursing, Doctors, clinics, research, pharmaceuticals, the sky is the limit!

  • Job Advancement

Similar to the first reason- job security is huge. Many people in healthcare are able to move up in their field. There’s opportunities that are presented to them and you can make more money, provide for yourself, and provide for your family. Many positions allow for advancement in education, research, administration and it can be easy to switch! This is great for people who are looking for a role that has endless possibilities.

  • Making a difference

My favorite reason why you should choose a career in healthcare is because YOU can make a difference. Healthcare is a career that is hard work but always rewarding. It’s not easy to put others first, but I have many friends that tell me they wouldn’t change a thing. It can feel daunting that you aren’t making a huge impact right away but showing up every day in a healthcare position is showing up for others. Be passionate and be empathetic, learn and ask questions, and the outcome will definitely be worth it.